Office of International Affairs

Head of the Office: Yuichi Chigusa, MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Office:

     The Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in April 2016, as a department to handle all international relations as well as all kinds of business activities, therefore, the name "International Affairs" was selected. We provide support in several languages, but mainly English. As this department is dedicated to provide support in various forms, please feel free to contact us.


1. International Relationships

・Develop new MOU and MOA with foreign universities, hospitals, institutions, and update present ones.
・Negotiate with foreign universities, hospitals, and institutions for every aspect of international matters (including partner institutions).
・Assist in preparing official documents to be sent to foreign universities, hospitals, and institutions.
・Support developing tools in English (promotional videos, websites, etc.) to introduce DMU abroad.
・Provide support with living in Japan and guidance for the foreign nationals coming to our university.
・Negotiations and adjustments with the supervisors/advisors of Preclinical and Clinical departments relating to any of the above activities.

 Other international related matters.

2. Global Career Development Support
      Assist and support graduates and faculty of the university for obtaining foreign medical licensure, obtaining positions abroad for work, study and training, and for internships in international organizations etc.

 3. Education
School of Medicine:

1st year Community Based Medical Training I
Community Health Internship (CHI)
Community,Oriented Medicine
PBL Tutorial I
2nd year Community Based Medical Training II
PBL Tutorial II
3rd year Community Based Medical Training III
Advanced Community Health Internship (ACHI)
Medical English III,
Overseas Training Programs (OTP)
Overseas Training / Practice of Community - Oriented Medicine I
4th year Community Based Medical Training IV
Basic Clinical Training (Medical Interview)
OSCE, Practice on Public Health “International/Global Health”
Overseas Training Programs (OTP)
Overseas Training / Practice of Community- Oriented Medicine II
5th & 6th year Advanced Clinical Clerkship (ACC)
Overseas Training Programs (OTP)

School of Nursing:

1st~4th year Global Trends in Health

Research Field:

・Epidemiological cohort study for cardiovascular disease Observation study for antenatal health
・Human resource for health in developing countries International / Global Health
・Chronic respiratory diseases in developing countries
・Studies on schistosomiasis japonica in the Philippines Ultrasonographical Studies on schistosomiasis japonica

Academic Society Activities:

Japanese Society of Parasitology
Japanese Society of Clinical Parasitology
Japan Society of Entomology and Zoology
Japanese Society of Tropical Medicine
Japanese Society of Infectious Diseases
The International Association of Tourism Medicine
Japanese Society of Public Health
Japan Association for International Health
Japan Epidemiology Association
Japan Academy of Midwifery
The Vitamin Society of Japan
Society for the Study of Human-Animal Relations
Dokkyo Medical Society


Head/Special Appointed Professor: Yuichi Chigusa (concurrently)
Staff/Professor: Nobuko Tokuda (concurrently)
Staff/Special Appointed Professor: Wolfgang R. Ade (concurrently)
Staff/Special Appointed Professor: Takaaki Takeuchi (concurrently)
Staff/Special Appointed Professor: Xubo Sai (concurrently)
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor: William G. Hassett (concurrently)
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor: Chris Smith (concurrently)
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor (part-time): Sujinda Izumida  
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor (part-time): Tetsuro Irohira  
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor (part-time): Armand Rafalimanantsoa-Solofoniaina  
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor (part-time): Virak Khieu  
 Note: In addition to the above, the OIA has clerical staff, also the staff of the Liaison Office of Support Centers assisting the OIA.

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