Division for Community-Based Medical Education

Head of the Office: Yuichi Chigusa, MD, PhD

Message from the Head of the Office:

     The Division for Community-Based Medical Education provides education and research in the field of community medicine by collaborating with clinics, local hospitals, welfare facilities, and local governments.
     Our primary mission is to educate and train medical students for medical professionalism through practicum and community activities, such as providing health education among local residents, and learning the importance of establishing integrated community care system as well as multidisciplinary approach involving several medical and health professionals.


・Support medical students who are eager in becoming physicians in community medicine
・Educate and train medical professionalism
・Offer and supervise practicum at local clinics, home visit nursing stations, and emergency medicine (including an ambulance ride)
・Collaborate with various medical professionals in local governments, medical, health and welfare institutions/facilities

School of Medicine:

1st year

Community Oriented Medicine 

Community Health Internship (CHI)

Community Based Medical Training I 

PBL Tutorial I 

Path to Medicine 

Law and Society 

Liberal Studies 

Career Plans for the Future 

2nd year Community Based Medical Training II
PBL Tutorial II
3rd year

Community Based Medical Training III 

Overseas Training Program I 

Medical English III 

Medical Research Training (Orientation) 

Obstetrics and Gynecology 

4th year

Community Based Medical Training IV 

Basic Clinical Training (Medical Interview) 


Overseas Training Program II 

Medical Legislation 

Today's Medical and Social Welfare 

Public Health Practicum 

5th & 6th year

Clinical Practice for Community Medicine

School of Nursing:

1st year Microbiology

Midwifery Program:


Midwifery Management 

Reproduction and Bioethics 

Sexual and Reproductive Morphology / Function 

Ultrasound Imaging Technique Practicum 

High-risk Midwifery

Affiliated School of Nursing:

1st year Nursing and Law

Graduate School of Medicine:

  Basic Medical Science Ethics in Medical Research

Off-Campus Education:


Kennan Nursing College 

Perinatal Medical Theory, Disease Treatment Theory IV 

Medical University Shared Exam / Implementation Evaluation Organization OSCE External Evaluator 

Maternal and Child Health Training Center / Midwifery School (Tokyo) Bioethics

Research Field:

・Findings on the effect of long-term care prevention business for building comprehensive community care
・Early diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment and long-term care prevention
・Building a community medical / health network that connects student power
・Community medical education and fostering professionalism
・Legal and ethical education and fostering professionalism
・Obstetrics and gynecology in medical education
・History of medicine in Mibu
・Igarashi Family Document Archive Plan
・Tochigi Medical School Research
・Medical law in medical education

Social Contributions:


Member: Steering Committee of Municipal Schools, Mibu Town
Joint study with Division of Welfare for the Elderly, Department of Health and Welfare, Utsunomiya City



Head/Special Appointed Professor: Yuichi Chigusa (concurrently)
Staff/Professor: Taro Shimizu, MPH, MD, PhD (concurrently)
Staff/Associate Professor: Michiyo Inaba, MD, PhD
Staff/Associate Professor: Michiyo Hashimoto, MA, PhD
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor: Nana Uesugi, PhD
Staff/Senior Assistant Professor: Kentarou Kaneko, MD, PhD (concurrently)