How to Access the Image Data

The cranial images can be searched by two ways. The first is for professional use, based on a phylogenetic table from order to genus. The order and genus lists extracted from the table can be used as alternatives. The other method is for general use, which makes use of by three indexes compiled from scientific (Latin), common (English), and Japanese names. On the page of the target species, which can be successfully searched by any of the methods, thumbnail pictures of six different views are displayed with supplementary data showing taxonomy, sex, age, specimen number, and four measurements. For some species, zoo snapshots and pictures of the skull with the mandible are available. The six thumbnail images can be enlarged from 278x185 to 1030x685 to 3060x2036 pixels. The other specimens and their additional data of the same species are listed under the specimen codes without thumbnails, for which clickable words are shown for direction to each specimen's image. The target image can be directly displayed as either a small (765x509) or a large (3060x 2036) picture by clicking on the desired size. The search index by specimen numbers for each institutional provider is mostly for our own use to in checking the database. For morphological researchers, a large number of images and related text documents can be downloaded via FTP or HTTP on our website.

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