Procyon lotor
common raccoon

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Order: Carnivora (carnivores)
Family: Procyonidae (raccoons)
Genus: Procyon (raccoons)

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Specimen Code: ILF_0164, Sex: male, Age: -
Measurements (mm) - Maximum Length: 125.3, Zygomatic Breadth: 83.8, Posterior Cranial Breadth: 58.5, Nasion-Basion: -

LTo Left (medium-sized) To Right (medium-sized)R

ATo Anterior (medium-sized) To Posterior (medium-sized)P

STo Superior (medium-sized) To Inferior (medium-sized)I

L: Left, R: Right, A: Anterior, P: Posterior, S: Superior, I: Inferior
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