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What's New (2013/09/30)

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Our Research
1. Themes of Our Research
2. Key Words
3. What is in vivo Immunology?
What is immunostaining?
4. In vivo Veritas
5. Selected Publications

On-line html
1. A Movie of Dendritic Cells in vivo
2. Meeting Report: The 12th International Symposium on Molecular Cell Biology of Macrophages
3. Mammalian Crania Photographic Archive
4. Review: The microstructure of secondary lymphoid organs that support immune cell trafficking (PDF)

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The Japanese Society for Molecular Cell Biology of Macrophages Home Page (in Japanese)

Department of Anatomy (Macro), Dokkyo Medical University

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Here is an entrance to "In Vivo Immunology World". Enjoy a wonderful view of Morphological Science.

"Macro" means not only "Macroscopic Anatomy" but also our research theme "Macrophage Biology".

JEM Cover

Cover photograph publication: One of our published figures is on a journal cover page (J. Exp. Med. 185: 777-784, 1997)

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